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Volume IV - Radar Made Simple for Cruisers - 2nd Edition

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"Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" 2nd Edition continues enhancing basic radar operation and adds radar interference and a some new trick for single handing cruisers. The original focus on how a cruiser, or especially a single handing cruiser, might best use their radar to remain safe and sane remains the focus of the book.

 "Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" will help you and your crew with both types of navigation, contact avoidance and navigation.

 The book provides some tricks to determine how close a big ship is going to come near you. Radar helps in the fog, the night, and even in daytime. Radar is a valuable asset on your boat and you should not head to sea without one aboard, especially if you are heading to a location where the charts are poor.

 Even experienced Cruisers admit the book has increased their safety on their vessel.

 This book provides the techniques and examples in a format that everyone on board can understand.

 Additions and Downloads for this book may be found at: adar

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