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MK 25 Sextant, manuual and Training book


I know many cruisers say don't worie GPS will get us there.  I never felt that comfortable without a backup.   With the manual and Artificial Horizon I was able to get proficient at finding my location using this Sextant.   Granted it has not been used much, but I always knew I had a backup.  When I bought it the cost $285.00 plus the artificial horizon and book.  Clearly a low cost low tech backup for cruisers.

The price does not include shipping and will depend on your location. emial me at and tell me where you are located and how you want it shipped. I will adjust the price accordingly to pay for the shipping.

Shipping extra depending on location from Whidbey Is WA: 6 pounds in a 14X14X10 box


No shiping charge if you pick up in Oak Harbor.


If you want to have shipped, email me with your location and I will adjust the price to include shipping the way we agree upon.


We need to add shipping for your location. email me with your location

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