Made Simple for Cruisers

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Radar Made Simple for Cruisers (Volume IV)

The Second Edition is now available.  This addition provides some new techniques that will further enhance your radar operation skills. Use of the EBL and playing cards will allow a single hand Cruiser to better manage multiple vessels around them.  

"Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" focuses on how a cruiser, or especially a single handing cruiser, might best use their radar to remain safe and sane while cruising. 

Some cruisers think they do not need radar and some have radar and get minimal use out of it as they just watch the dots.   Radar actually provides two types of navigation aid.

"Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" will help you understand how easy both types of navigation are and will help keep you safe on the water.  Two types of Navigation: Contact Avoidance and Vessel Navigation. 

“Radar Made Simple for Cruisers” provides cruisers some tricks for even single handers to determine how close a big ship is going to come near you way in advance.  It will also explain how to get a fix from a point of land when the GPS went down to get you into a port safely. 

Radar helps in the fog, at night, and even in daytime. Radar is a valuable asset on your boat and you should not head to sea without one aboard.  If you do not know how to find CPA or your position with your radar, you need to consider getting a copy of "Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" because it really is simple if you know how. 

Many cruisers that assumed they knew how to use their radar and look through a copy of this book have said they never really knew how to use their radar.  "They stayed away from the dots". 

"Radar Made Simple for Cruisers" will provide what you need to know to simplify the use of a critical tool on your boat.

The book provides many examples to aid the cruiser in learning the basics needed to be safe and sane at sea.

Latitudes and Attitudes review Comments

"This is the newest in a series of cruising "Made Simple" handbooks written specifically to help wanna-be cruisers down the right path to living their dream. The author, an active cruiser and retired Navy electronics technician, knows his subject matter very well and has a great ability to assemble it in a logical, easy to follow and understand order. In this book he explains exactly what radar will and won't do, why you should have one and how to get the most out of it."

Changes planned for 3rd Edition:  None

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